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It is the mission of Rainbow Walker Music to provide access to and information about Native music of North America.


Arlie Neskahi put together this idea after Arlie noticed a lack of Native American music sites on the web. He also saw the opportunity to share his knowledge, experience and creation of Native Music with the world. Through the winter of 94-95, this site was created.


The Rainbow Walker logo design comes from the Dine' (Navajo) creation stories in which the Hero Twins, Monster Slayer and Born for Water, sons of Changing Woman, traveled upon rainbows and sunbeams in their quests to defeat the monsters and giants of their time. While they planned strategy and engaged in battle, Little Wind spoke to them giving them valuable advice which they used to overcome the dangers. Little Wind is often described as a tiny whirlwind with messages of counsel, caution, and advice. Wind, Thought, and Action are closely related in Dine' philosophy, it is used here with the rainbow as a symbol of autonomy, integrity, and empowerment.

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