Arlie's Hotlist of Native Music Collections
This is a list of owner Arlie Neskahi's highly recommendeds and must haves, in the Collections music genre. Click on the pictures with colored borders for soundbites in Real Audio  format, or the blue links.

Under the Green Corn Moon; Native American Lullabies

A release of the decade!  I remember the little tune my mother used to sing as I bounced on her lap.  Here for maybe the first time is a beautiful collection of lullabies from mothers and fathers of the First Nations.  Some traditional, passed down generation to generation, others recently inspired by the tender love of a parent and child.  This is a release destined to be a classic... Beautifully recorded both acapella and others with tasteful accompaniment.  This has been a long time coming and what is I hope, the first in many more songs from parent to child.

Under the Green Corn Moon


Voices Across the Canyon; Volumes I , II & III 

Voices/Canyon 1 pic
Volume I
Voices/Canyon 2 pic
Volume II
Volume III

Originally released in 1996 during Canyon Records Productions of Phoenix, AZ 45th anniversary year. To mark the event, Canyon released the first two compilation recordings of their best selling artists. With their recent third releses they feature on these excellent CD's; R. Carlos Nakai, Sharon Burch, Robert Tree Cody, Primeaux & Mike, Burning Sky, WOR, Jay Begay, Blacklodge, Clandestine, Redhouse and others. This is a fine introduction to the world of Native American music with cuts of some of the finest musicians; from traditional to contemporary. A must for any serious collector and excellent for classroom or library use as well. Get one today and then order the full recordings of your favorite artists through Rainbow Walker. Volume III now available, get all 3 they make a great set!!!

Volume One
Volume Two
Volume Three



Traditional Voices; Various Artists

Another excellent release from Canyon, who hold some of the finest recordings ever made of traditional Native Music.  From their promo... "Since 1951, Canyon Records Productions has specialized in the production and distribution of traditional and contemporary Native American music. This collection is drawn from Canyon recordings made in the 1950's and early 1960's and includes rare songs by historically important singers from over twenty tribes of the United States and Canada. It offers a unique glimpse into the rich and varied tribal cultures of Native America through their songs and dances. Includes detailed liner notes.

Traditional Voices


Proud Heritage; A Collection of Styles

Proud Heritage Pic

This is one of the finest collections of Native Music to be released in years. Indian House Records of Taos, NM, has made their reputation with quality on location live recordings of the finest singers of North America. This release belongs in every library and collection of every serious listener of Native Music. Southern Singers PicThe listener is taken on a musical journey through the Southwest, Southeast, and the Northern and Southern Plains. Follow along as you listen, to the excellent liner notes, that give historical, cultural and musical background, it is an excellent introduction to the world of traditional Native music. My favorite cuts are the Stomp Dance Songs of the southeast culture, some of the best recordings ever done of this music...captivating. This release receives my nomination for the Grammy in the best traditional compilation album, hands down...

Proud Heritage



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