Arlie's Hotlist of Traditional Artists

This is a list Arlie Neskahi's highly recommendeds and must haves, in the Traditional music genre. Click on the pictures with colored borders for soundbites in Real Audio format. This page is graphic intensive, so please be patient while it loads.

Primeaux & Mike; Walk in Beauty, healing songs of the Native American Church

Primeaux & Mike pic

All over North America this ceremonial prayer music can be heard, as the People strive to follow a spiritual path. Two boys, one, Lakota/Ponca and the other Dine', grew up in the arms of the Native American Church, learning the songs and prayers. Later, they were to begin to compose their own songs to accompany the rituals. With this release they perform in accapella fashion 20 of these beautiful compositions. An excellent collector's item as these songs are delivered in true harmony which is unusual with Native traditional singing of North America. Creates a soothing, spiritual, and releasing mood. Excellent for personal prayer time and anyone working in the healing arts.

The Native American Church, or NAC, has it's roots in the Native Peoples of Northern Mexico, specifically the Huichol. Using the sacred peyote medicine with their prayers and songs, this spiritual way has been shared from tribe to tribe till now it is practiced as far north as Alaska and the northern Canadian Native reserves.

Originally, there was no "Church", only the Peyote Way or Road. The NAC was formed following the attacks by the federal government and Christian missionaries to stamp it out. Once the Church was organized, the persecution lessened. And with the passing of the Native American Freedom of Religion Act, the NAC now has legal protection within the US. Notwithstanding, the persecution continues, as do the songs and the commitment of these prayerful, loving people. The late Allen Neskahi, Sr.(the webmaster's grandfather) was the first Dine' roadman, having traveled to the Cheyenne of Oklahome to acquire the ceremony in the early 1900's. To all the NAC members, thank you for your ongoing prayers and dedication. ...hey ya na, hey nay yo way!

Walk in Beauty



Blacklodge Singers, Vol. 13, Recorded Live at White Swan, WA

Blacklodge pic

Here they are! The fine singers that have been rockin' North America with their great dance music for the last decade. Originally the 13 sons of Kenny(Blackfeet) and Louise(Yakima) ScabbyRobe, these singers now headline at all the finest Native gatherings. Known for their joyful style and accomplished song composition, this is a fine recording made at their home turf, White Swan, WA. This recording catches their enthusiasm and exuberance as they sing to bring out the best in the Dancing People. If you have never heard powwow music, this is a great introduction, as the cover also contains english translations of their Native lyrics. These young men have been the inspiration for so many who have taken up the singing way of life, it isn't often so many brothers get to impact the cultural and spiritual future of their people. We thank you Kenny and Louise for your children, they have lightened the hearts of so many and given us every reason to dance. Iks Sukapi!!

Blacklodge Singers, Vol. 13



Keith Mahone; Bird Songs of the Hualapai

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These are some of the most beautiful songs of all of North America. Not too many people know about this music which comes from the desert people of southern Arizona west to southern California. Easy to follow melodies that stay with you for days. Originally learned from the Mojave around 1910, bird songs have become an important part of Hualapai culture. As Keith describes them, “They are sung to the creations of the rocks, the plants, the water, the hills and mountains. The songs respect the ‘spirit’ of the areas that are being approached by praising and honoring the areas”. Every Native American collection needs to include this release. Captivating, mesmerizing, Keith is a moving singer as well as a master of the gourd rattle. For those of you interested in the Native rhythms of North America, the gourd rattle accompaniment is excellent. Now available in CD with excellent song notes.

Bird Songs of the Hualapai

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