those that watch
    those that crawl
    those that walk
    those that swim
    those that fly and

    winds, waters, mountains, clouds
    disappointments, passages, rewards
    relationships, memories, spirits
    innocence, tiny hands, tiny feet
    wrinkles, stories, greying eyes

    songs these carry
    songs these emanate
    songs for us to receive


    On the bus in Seattle
    it came to me
    looking out the window
    at all those who sped by
    while I car-less
    trumbled along

    dad sings it now
    he says
    when he feels alone,
    says it comforts him

    it comforts us both


    She got up
    and danced

    weary body and
    white braids
    cane in hand

    blessing the people
    to a song
    I had caught

    I was
    so young then

    to sing them
    in public

    but later
    she whispered this
    in my ear

    that was the most
    beautiful song
    I ever heard


    Let me sleep
    wind, rocks, trees, friends and rain...
    Keep your songs till



    I see you smile
    catch a song
    I see you cry
    catch a song
    I see you struggle
    catch a song
    I hear you laugh
    catch a song
    I see you grow
    catch a song
    I see you walk away
    please, please
    now I really need

    to catch a song


    There’s this thing we singers do
    with nearly silent whistles

    ffff... whewwww... ffff.. fff.... ff... ohh....

    we trust the wind
    to bring it back

    that song
    that song
    almost forgotten

    that song
    for this moment

    ffff.... wheewww...........



    with what song
    will you travel
    to peace and light

    with what song
    will you say farewell

    to all
    that was good
    and all
    that was pain

    with what song
    will you greet

      what had left
      what was love
      what was blood

    what will be
    the song you use


    to return
    and memories

    to wind...

Arlie Neskahi
© Copyright 1995 All Rights Reserved

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