Pow Wow Music and Dance Traditions

The following are available:

Dancing Brother; a poem with pictures of my brother AJ, the dancer. A champion with an outstanding reputation throughout North America.

The Gathering of Nations Song... A response to a request to Arlie to provide the words for other singers. A song he composed several years ago that has become one of the best-known songs across North America. Commissioned by the Gathering of Nations Powwow in Albuquerque, NM.

Southern Powwows Page A beautiful site showcasing the Southern Plains Powwow Tradition! A must see! Graphics, sound (realaudio), information, profiles. Ah-ho!

Wacipi-Powwow; a great site with many pages of the finest powwow info and graphics that I have found on the net. Also a documentary video about powwows is available from the site host, KTCA,Twin Cities Public Television, St. Paul, MN. Definitely a perspective of the Northern Plains styles.

Paul Gowder's Powwow Dancing Pages; another fine site with GREAT PICTURES of dancers in traditional regalia and stories, etiquette and traditions of powwow dancing. And this is definitely a Southern Plains perspective.

Native Event Calendar; searchable database with signup for their email list! And a link to Charley's 16 Powwow Rules; by Charles Phillip Whitedog, a fun yet serious collection of recommended protocol for pow-wow first-timers.

I want to thank each of these sites for the fine work and presentations that they have given of a very vital part of our modern Native culture. Thank You and keep up the great work!

Arlie Neskahi

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