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  • Arlie's Answers Find here several answers to many questions from Rainbow Walker visitors... Culture, Tradition, Flutes, Drum Circles, Powwow Music, etc...
  • Response to Maggie Arlie responds to many common questions about native flutes, music protocol and music traditions. May be helpful for those seeking knowledge in this area.
  • The Heart of Painted Sky Taken from the intro to the Painted Sky Native Music Festival, in Portland, OR. Arlie speaks of the Core of Native Music and the need for it's validation and integration into the fabric of American life.
  • Rainbow Walker's Native Music Timeline Check out Arlie's overview of the great Musical History, both past and present, of the Native People's of this Land!!
  • Going South Arlie writes about his experience with the passing of his mother, Mary Begay Neskahi; mourning traditions, endurance of the song tradition, pics, soundclip.
  • Healing Songs Origin, purpose, misuse, thoughts...
  • Flute and Whistle Traditions; spiritual and cultural role, resurgence, pow-wow use, ceremonial use, recommendations for use.
  • Pow-Wow Music and Dance Traditions; info, traditions, pics.
  • Keeping the Music Alive; highlights three singers; Cip Garcia of San Juan Pueblo Roger Nez of the Dine' Nation, and Floyd Rider of the Blackfeet Nation, some things about their lives and songcatching.
  • Young Singers of Puget Sound; two young men and their songs from the Lummi Nation of Washington.Information on the continuum of song from the Sacred to the music of fun and daily activities. Traditions of song protocol and passing on of rights to certain music. Recommendations to non-native persons in regards to recording. Harmony in native music.
  • Songcatching ; a poem about singing and song.
  • I was fooled, were you??!!; Arlie writes about the need to ensure the authenticity of Native recordings, he gives his thoughts and recommendations.
  • Native Influenced/Inspired Music; cases of mistaken identity, listing of Native Inspired/Influenced Musicians and Outright Frauds, link to Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990.
  • Arlie's tips on buying authentic Native recordings.

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